"In the late Eighties, at the age of fifteen, Sunil skipped school one afternoon and walked into the North London offices of music legends, Soul II Soul with a bag full of paintings, he sold everyone of them. Present day and painting and music are still a very big part of his life. Although stylistically linked, his artwork is separate from his commercial projects."

"Sunil creates a dynamic and powerful range of studies by exploring the parallels and similarities between DJ sound clashes and classic sporting pose with themes of battle and survival, the struggles and fights that we face on a daily basis. He mixes bright acrylics to create bold and brash imagery, as loud as the music that inspires him, Pawar's work mixes abstract and graphical images and text with his distinctive style of composition"
alm monthy

left: 'A Show of Force!' solo show at the Stern Pissarro Gallery, St. James' London.